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Have you wondered why some sales leads suddenly go cold? Your conversations went so well and the prospect showed a real interest in your company, product, or solution. Too often, it's as simple as a break the communication cadence that causes the prospect to suddenly lose interest and trust.

Updated Nov, 2023

Why Did Your Hot Prospect Suddenly Turn Cold?


You've been there: a prospect that seemed hot to trot suddenly gives you the cold shoulder. Those initial conversations were promising—they were interested, engaged, and seemed ready to move forward with your company, product, or solution. Then, silence. What gives?

Often, it's a simple misstep in communication cadence that can cool things down. It's not their interest that's waned; it's their trust that's been shaken. But don't worry, this is fixable, and with the right moves, you can rekindle that spark and drive sales.



A new prospect is not any different from any other potential new relationship. Think about the process like you're dating someone new. It can be fun and even a little exciting meeting someone new. After the initial small talk and a little flirting, you exchange phone numbers and agree to talk again on a specific date and time. It's all going smoothly until... life happens. You get swamped, and the communication stalls.

What's running through your prospect's mind now? Doubts start to creep in. Have they been deprioritized? Did they do something wrong? The silence is deafening.

When you finally resurface, you're met with a frosty reception. In the sales world, this is all too common, and with fierce competition, any break in communication can open the door for your rivals. Then, the inevitable happens. You get busy with shifting priorities, maybe a new prospect enters the picture and you let a week or so go by without any contact. What is the other person in this new relationship thinking?

  1. "Am I not as important as I was a week ago?"

  2. "Did someone else become a priority?"

  3. "Did they discover something about me that they didn't like?"


Can You Get a Second Chance?

Absolutely. Re-engaging a prospect who's gone silent takes effort and a touch of creativity. Whether it's through a humorous message or a candid admission, it's about making that extra effort to reconnect.

Before giving up on a prospect that ghosted you, try using a breakup email like this one:

Subject Line: Should I stay or should I go?
Hi {Contact: First name},

I’ve tried to reach you a few times to go over suggestions on improving [BUSINESS NEEDS], but haven’t heard back which tells me one of three things:

1) You’re all set with [BUSINESS NEED] and I should stop bothering you.
2) You’re still interested but haven’t had the time to get back to me yet.
3) You’ve fallen and can’t get up and in that case let me know and I’ll call someone to help you.
Please let me know which one as I’m starting to worry!
{Your Email Signature}

* If that doesn't get their attention, here are 7 more break up emails from HubSpot that are almost guaranteed to get a response.

Become Irresistible!

To improve your communication cadence and decrease the chances of being ghosted by your SQL (Sales Qualified Lead), here are a few tips to help you become simply irresistible:

  1. Choose the Right Channel

    We all have a ton of people trying to get our attention every single day, so we create our own individual systems for whom we'll respond to and how we receive their outreach. Your prospect is no different. Find out your prospect's preferred method—be it email, phone, or text—and make sure you're not lost in the noise.

  2. Navigate the Communication Potholes. 

    To ensure your calls and texts are recognized, encourage your contact to save your details in their phone. This helps distinguish you from the sea of robocalls. For email communications, send a test email during your call to confirm it lands in their inbox, not spam, securing your future messages a safe passage.

  3. Time It Right

    Find out from your contact where they have time in their day. If you're giving them information that can help them solve a problem, overcome a challenge, or help them achieve their goal, then you want them to be paying attention. If you call while they're in the middle of their workday, eating dinner, or at a kids soccer game. Ensure they're attentive and ready to engage.

  4. Set Clear Expectations. 

    Right from the start, communicate the expected duration of the sales process and outline the key milestones. When setting up follow-up interactions, clarify the agenda and any necessary materials the prospect should prepare. Mapping out your sales process can help pinpoint contact moments and refine communication flow. Utilizing a CRM can streamline this, automating your process with predefined calls, emails, and tasks.

  5. Communicate consistently!

    To build trust, consistency is key. Always be punctual for calls, texts, or emails, as tardiness or unpreparedness can signal unreliability. If you can't provide the needed information at the scheduled time, don't cancel—instead, explain the delay. Open and honest communication fosters trust and demonstrates your commitment to reliability.

Better CRM software platforms should have a "Meetings App". A meetings app lets you include a link in your email signature, provide a link in your email, or on your website that allows prospects to book a meeting time on your calendar at their convenience. This eliminates the back and forth of schedule conflicts and allows the prospect to choose a time that's convenient for them. The meetings app should allow you to set up an automated email confirming the meeting and send out reminders prior to the meeting.

Improve Sales ROI

Need help increasing sales? We've got you covered. 

Our proficient team at HarvestROI is on standby to guide you every step of the way. Schedule a free consultation with our team so we can help you elevate your sales enablement plan via HubSpot.

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