Unlocking New Possibilities with HubSpot's Object to Object Associations

HubSpot's latest feature, Object to Object Associations, is redefining the CRM landscape, and we at Harvest ROI are here to unpack its potential.


In the world of CRM, connections are everything. They are the lifeblood that maps out the journey of every customer, partner, and deal. HubSpot has long understood this, and their newest update, Object to Object Associations, is a testament to their commitment to making these connections more intuitive, flexible, and powerful.

Why Object to Object Associations Matter

Your content web of business relationships

Imagine a web of relationships in your CRM as complex and interconnected as your real-world business relationships. That's what HubSpot's Object to Object Associations bring to the table. This feature allows you to create custom associations between any two object types, breaking free from the limitations of traditional CRM models.

The Flexibility to Reflect Real Business Processes

Whether it's linking a contact to multiple tickets to reflect all stakeholders in a support issue or associating various contacts with a single deal to capture all influences on a sale, the flexibility is now in your hands. This feature is not just an enhancement; it's a complete overhaul of how we think about data relationships within a CRM.

Setting Up Is Simple

Getting started with Object to Object Associations is as straightforward as it is impactful:

  1. Head to the Product Updates Menu: Your gateway to HubSpot's latest features.
  2. Search and Select: Look up "Object" and find the feature to start associating records of the same object type.
  3. Opt-In and Customize: With a simple opt-in, you're ready to tailor your CRM to your business's unique ecosystem.

Here is a visual walkthrough of these steps

The Practical Impact

Let's put this into perspective with a use case. You're introduced to a referral by an existing client. Previously, tracking this relationship was a manual process, prone to errors and omissions. Now, with a few clicks, this connection is not only made but is also visible and actionable within your CRM.

Snapshot of Contact to Contact Association Example

Beyond Beta: Ready for Business

While this feature is currently in beta, don't let that hold you back. Our testing at Harvest ROI has shown it's robust and ready to revolutionize your CRM approach. However, always ensure compatibility with your HubSpot tier to access all the feature's benefits.

HubSpot's Object to Object Associations is more than a feature—it's a new philosophy for CRM. It's about capturing the essence of your business relationships and translating them into a digital framework that's as dynamic as your business itself.

Ready to see the difference for yourself? Contact us at Harvest ROI for a free audit and take the first step towards a more connected, efficient, and intuitive CRM experience.

Streamline Your CRM Connections

Curious about maximizing the new Object to Object Associations in HubSpot? Let us guide you through it. 

If the thought of integrating this new feature seems daunting, fear not. Harvest ROI offers a complimentary HubSpot portal audit to align your CRM with your business goals effectively. Reach out, and let's harness the full power of HubSpot together.

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