Deep Dive into HubSpot's New Commerce Hub (and it's FREE)

The Future of E-commerce, Now Within Your Grasp. Learn more about HubSpot's new Commerce Hub, unveiled at INBOUND 2023.

Attention, entrepreneurs and e-commerce connoisseurs! HubSpot has unveiled its groundbreaking Commerce Hub, promising to revolutionize the way you do business. The best part? This state-of-the-art feature comes at the delightful price of $0.00.

That's right — premium features without the premium price tag. In this post, we'll be doing a deep dive into all the features, bells, and whistles of Commerce Hub.

1. Efficient Subscription Management Tool

hubspot subscription management tool free crm

Recurring revenue models are skyrocketing in popularity. Be ahead of the curve with HubSpot’s Commerce Hub, designed to manage subscriptions seamlessly. No more fragmented solutions; centralize your operations and provide consistent value to your subscribers.

Some features of Commerce Hub's Subscription, Invoicing, and Quoting tool include:

  • Create professional invoices for you and your customers with embedded payment links
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Gain a full picture of revenue in one place, alongside your customer data
  • Consolidate invoicing on one platform with your payments and quoting

2. Synchronize Commerce Hub with your Existing HubSpot Account

Ditch the disparate systems and focus on what truly matters – your business. With Commerce Hub's seamless integration with HubSpot's CRM, every facet of your operations converges. Commerce Hub integrates with all HubSpot "Hubs", including (but not limited to):

  • Sales Hub
  • Marketing Hub
  • Service Hub
  • Ops Hub

Payments, reports, customer interactions, and more - all under one roof. It's not just commerce; it's an elevated business experience.

3. Commerce Hub Integrates with Other Payment Platforms (i.e. Quickbooks, Stripe)

Create Quickbooks invoice with hubspot commerce hub workflows and tools

Bridging the gap between operations and accounting is pivotal. HubSpot's Commerce Hub integrates effortlessly with industry-leading accounting solutions like QuickBooks and Stripe. Your financial data management is not only seamless but also efficient and organized. 

Commerce Hub will allow you to connect third party integrations directly in your HubSpot account, which gives you the ability to do a plethora of different things, including building automations and workflows for your payment providers. It is important to note though, some of these features require the purchase of another Hub.

Highlighting the Top Features of HubSpot's Free Commerce Hub:

  • Billing & Invoices: Bid adieu to generic invoices. Craft and dispatch top-tier, professional invoices directly from HubSpot's integrated customer platform.
  • Quotes: Forget cumbersome spreadsheets. HubSpot’s advanced CPQ software simplifies your deal and quote generation, ensuring clarity and efficiency.
  • Payment Links: Whether it's a one-time transaction or recurring payment, versatile payment links in the Commerce Hub facilitate rapid and secure transactions.

In the evolving world of e-commerce, HubSpot's Commerce Hub is the vanguard. Ready to redefine your e-commerce journey? Dive in and explore the future, today.

Streamline your Commerce Business

Wondering how to harness the full potential of Commerce Hub? We've got you covered. 

Our proficient team at HarvestROI is on standby to guide you every step of the way. Schedule a free consultation with our team so we can help you elevate your commerce business via HubSpot.


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