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Optimizing Email Protection: Insights into Google & Yahoo's Mandates

Master Google and Yahoo's 2024 email mandates with our guide for HubSpot users. Get expert tips to optimize your email strategy and business processes.

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, email security remains a paramount concern. As we step into 2024, Google and Yahoo are spearheading significant changes in email authentication practices. This article delves into these updates, highlighting what they mean for businesses and how to adapt effectively within HubSpot.

Google and Yahoo's 2024 Authentication Mandates

These new mandates require senders to adopt specific email authentication practices. Emails that fail to meet these standards may face delays, be blocked, or be directed to spam folders.

For HubSpot Marketing and Connected Email users, there are three key areas to focus on authenticating emails with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, enabling easy unsubscription, and maintaining low spam rates.

1. Email Authentication

Authentication is now a necessity, not just a recommendation. Gmail and Yahoo require the use of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC methodologies. Unauthenticated emails risk being bounced or marked as spam.

For HubSpot users:

  • Set up DKIM by connecting an email-sending domain.
  • Add HubSpot to your SPF record.
  • Implement a DMARC policy.
Check your 'from addresses' to ensure they use your connected domain, authenticated with DKIM or SPF. HubSpot's 'Suggestion' prompt helps identify emails not using a connected domain. Review your active campaigns and update your ‘from address’ accordingly.

2. Easy Unsubscription

The new standards demand a simplified unsubscription process. HubSpot plans to update marketing email headers to comply.

When this update is released, a spike in unsubscribe rates may be observed. Additionally, for connected email accounts, unsubscribe links must be manually added to 1:1 emails, as per HubSpot's guide.

3. Sending Wanted Email

Ensure you have explicit consent to send emails. Averaging 0.3% or more in spam complaints can lead to delivery issues.

Aim for spam complaint levels of 0.1% or less. Yahoo spam complaints are tracked within the HubSpot app, while Gmail uses Google Postmaster Tools (GPT) for a detailed view of sending performance.

4. Monitoring and Managing Spam Complaints

Google Postmaster Tools (GPT) provides insights into spam rates, domain reputation, and delivery errors. It's an external program, and for assistance with setup or troubleshooting, visit the Gmail Help Center.

For further insights, check out this dedicated article tailored for HubSpot users.


Need Help With Authentication?

Our team offers more than just email expertise. We can review your email campaigns to ensure compliance with the new mandates. Partner with us for customized advice and innovative strategies that enhance your operations and overall performance.


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