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Streamline Your Revenue Systems

Lay the groundwork for your team with essential tools and training.

Enterprise Plan

  • Checkmark Unlimited Custom Process Rules
  • Checkmark White-Labeled, Custom Branded UI
  • Checkmark Team-Specific Cards*
  • Checkmark Team-Specific Rules*
  • Checkmark Custom Object Mapping in Data Dictionary
  • Checkmark Configurable Custom User Roles
  • Checkmark Targeted, Scheduled In-App Updates
  • Checkmark Applies to HubSpot + Unlimited Domains‎

Which Plan Is For You?

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Save 15% with an annual plan!*


$425500 /month

All Basic features, plus:

  • Company Records
  • Mobile App Integration
  • Resource Allocation


$550650 /month

All Pro features, plus:

  • Gmail Integration
  • Calendar Integration
  • Progress Tracking



Seat Pricing

Up to 10 Seats
+ $350 /month
Up to 20 Seats
+ $675 /month
Up to 50 seats
+ $1,250 /month
More than 50 seats

Subscription Features

Process Rules
I'm a tooltip!
Cross-Object HubSpot Validation
Rich Content in Process Rules
Chrome Extension
Broadcast Updates
HubSpot Integration
HubSpot / Google Login
HubSpot Knowledge Base
Card Ownership
Rich Text Editor
Advanced Card Analytics
Advanced Search Analytics
Works on other domains (non-HubSpot)
Custom User Roles
Custom Field Mapping
Page-Specific Card Triggers
Targeted Updates (Users, Pages, Scheduled)
Unlimited Process Rules
Team-Specific Cards *
Team-Specific Rules *
Customer Support

Works Where your Team Works

HarvestHub seamlessly integrates with a wide range of web-based SAAS platforms, enabling your team to maintain their existing workflows, reduce time spent searching for information, and enhance overall productivity. It's also adaptable to your proprietary web-based ERP systems or other custom tools, ensuring a smooth and efficient operational flow across all your business applications.

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Have More Questions?

How do I get HarvestHub?

We're excited you're interested in getting HarvestHub for your team! Please book a quick 30 minute discovery call using the button below so we can better understand what you're hoping to achieve with HarvestHub. This will allow us to provide a customized proposal.


Why would I use HarvestHub?

HarvestHub is a powerful tool designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of sales, marketing, and service - particularly those using HubSpot or other web-based SAAS tools & CRMs.

It helps businesses enforce and have confidence in their revenue processes, offering features like just-in-time enablement within the platforms of your choosing.

Our guided approach dynamically guides your team through your business's complex processes, providing them with the most relevant decks, cards, knowledgebase articles, and marketing assets to use your tech stack to it's fullest potential.

Additionally, it helps ramp up remote workforces by seamlessly integrating with the your web based SAAS platforms, injecting business processes directly into your systems, and enforcing key behaviors across HubSpot objects.

By democratizing revenue operations in your tech stack, HarvestHub makes them more actionable, consumable, and accessible, ensuring your team know exactly what, how, and when to execute revenue actions

Will training come with HarvestHub?

Yes, training will be included in the services engagement elected for HarvestHub implementation and is included in all of our service offerings.

Can I cancel at any time?

We highly doubt you will want to cancel, but monthly and annual subscriptions can be canceled any time effective at the end of the subscription period.

Can I use HarvestHub on my phone?

Since HarvestHub is a chrome extension - it will work with any browser that allows for chrome extensions. You may be able to use HarvestHub on your phone if your mobile browser allows for the installation of chrome extensions.