What is HarvestHub?

Software to Elevate Training, Adoption, and Efficiency

Tired of low adoption rates, high training costs, and limited customization? Transform these challenges into growth opportunities with HarvestHub, our dynamic chrome extension.


Improve Data Quality

Enhance Training Efficiency

Increase User Visibility

Supercharge CRM Adoption

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Adoption made easy

Make Onboarding a Breeze for your Team

HarvestHub simplifies the integration of your complex business processes and corporate wiki into HubSpot and your most-used SaaS tools, making onboarding and platform usage effortless for your team.

It offers a suite of features like process rule triggers, informative explainer cards, robust analytic tools, and a user-friendly Chrome extension. This combination ensures smooth and efficient platform usage across your tech stack, enhancing your team's ability to adapt and excel in their roles.

Works Where your Team Works

HarvestHub seamlessly integrates with a wide range of web-based SAAS platforms, enabling your team to maintain their existing workflows, reduce time spent searching for information, and enhance overall productivity. It's also adaptable to your proprietary web-based ERP systems or other custom tools, ensuring a smooth and efficient operational flow across all your business applications.

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Your personalized corporate wiki integrated into your team's workflow

Embed Explainer Content

HarvestHub enables you to integrate explainer content and knowledge base articles, known as Cards, right where users interact most.

These Cards can be linked to any selected word and are accessible via the side app panel for on-demand user reference, not limited to when they navigate specific content on a page.

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Data entry, finally enforced

Always Capture Essential Data

Are you frustrated with users neglecting to complete essential HubSpot fields necessary for effective reporting and workflow processes?

Process Rules are a feature of HarvestHub that allow you to show warning messages, error messages, and positive messages based on the logic of your choosing directly on HubSpot Deals, Companies, Contacts, Tickets, and Custom Objects.

Notify your team where they'd see it

Push Important Updates

The Updates tool allows you to broadcast updates to ALL users OR specific users/teams.

These updates can be delivered as a pop-up module or banner on any web based SAAS platform. You can attach photos, videos, and cards to these updates as well. Within the backend of HarvestHub, you can also see which users viewed the notifications, which snoozed them, and other important analytics.

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What is your team struggling with?

Unlock Insights with Pro Analytics

The Analytics tool (included with PRO Plan) allows you to see which cards are being viewed the most, common search terms, trends, and stats.

You can also filter the analytics down to a specific user, so you can see specifically what a certain user is searching or viewing to better understand platform adoption.

We've got you covered!

This Tool Comes with a Team

Crafting personalized rules and navigating through each explainer card can be complex. But don't worry, we've got you covered!

We'll support you with ready-to-use templates and comprehensive training, ensuring you're never left stranded with just a tool.

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Don't just take our word

Discover how other businesses have utilized HarvestHub

  • Venture Capital

  • Public Relations

  • Mortgage

Our collaboration with a Venture Capital firm, which annually brings in 10 new employees, showcased the efficiency of HarvestHub. Previously, training these employees on their technology stack, including HubSpot, ZoomInfo, Apollo, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, required extensive time due to varying familiarity levels with these platforms.

With the introduction of HarvestHub, we significantly reduced the time spent on training and individual support by an impressive 72%. This reduction in training time not only streamlined their onboarding process but also led to considerable financial savings for the firm, amounting to around $32,000.

We recently implemented HarvestHub for a public relations firm facing challenges in navigating their complex business processes and efficiently utilizing HubSpot. HarvestHub's integration allowed for the direct implementation of the firm's intricate business processes, vital process rules, and their internal corporate wiki into HubSpot. This bespoke solution streamlined their operational workflow, making it more intuitive and accessible within the HubSpot environment.

The introduction of HarvestHub markedly reduced the firm's reliance on external HubSpot support, empowering their team with a deeper understanding and better utilization of the platform. This implementation not only enhanced their operational efficiency but also fostered a more self-sufficient and knowledgeable team, proficient in leveraging HubSpot for their unique business needs.

In our work with a mortgage company unfamiliar with HubSpot, implementing HarvestHub significantly altered their trajectory. Initially, the team's lack of familiarity with HubSpot was a barrier to leveraging its capabilities effectively. With HarvestHub, not only did we see a substantial increase in HubSpot adoption rates among the employees, but it also played a critical role in maximizing the ROI of the company's investment in HubSpot.

By empowering the team with the necessary tools and understanding to use HubSpot efficiently, HarvestHub enabled the company to fully exploit the platform's advanced features. This led to more streamlined operations, improved customer interactions, and ultimately, a significant boost in their business performance and return on investment.


Have More Questions?

How do I get HarvestHub?

We're excited you're interested in getting HarvestHub for your team! Please book a quick 30 minute discovery call using the button below so we can better understand what you're hoping to achieve with HarvestHub. This will allow us to provide a customized proposal.


How much is HarvestHub?

We've tailored HarvestHub's capabilities to better suit your needs. Depending on what you're looking for, our pricing can include an implementation fee and a monthly fee.

Starting with our "Starter" plan, ideal for small teams, and scaling up to our more comprehensive "Pro" plan, we offer a range of features like process rules, embedded triggers, and custom domain support.

To ensure you receive the most robust and cost-effective solution, we encourage you to schedule a quick discovery call with us. This way, we can provide a personalized quote that aligns perfectly with your team's size and requirements.

Why would I use HarvestHub?

HarvestHub is a powerful tool designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of sales, marketing, and service - particularly those using HubSpot or other web-based SAAS tools & CRMs.

It helps businesses enforce and have confidence in their revenue processes, offering features like just-in-time enablement within the platforms of your choosing.

Our guided approach dynamically guides your team through your business's complex processes, providing them with the most relevant decks, cards, knowledgebase articles, and marketing assets to use your tech stack to it's fullest potential.

Additionally, it helps ramp up remote workforces by seamlessly integrating with the your web based SAAS platforms, injecting business processes directly into your systems, and enforcing key behaviors across HubSpot objects.

By democratizing revenue operations in your tech stack, HarvestHub makes them more actionable, consumable, and accessible, ensuring your team know exactly what, how, and when to execute revenue actions

Can I use HarvestHub on my phone?

Since HarvestHub is a chrome extension - it will work with any browser that allows for chrome extensions. You may be able to use HarvestHub on your phone if your mobile browser allows for the installation of chrome extensions.