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The Big HubSpot Recap of 2022

In 2022, HubSpot released a large number of updates and new features to help businesses improve their marketing, sales, and customer service efforts. Let’s review 2022's biggest offerings and announcements to kickstart 2023!

In 2022, HubSpot released a large number of updates and new features to help businesses improve their marketing, sales, and customer service efforts. Let’s review 2022's biggest offerings and announcements to kickstart 2023!

It's important to note that updates may vary depending on the type of subscription you have with HubSpot. Some updates are exclusive to certain subscription levels.

1. Scheduled Triggers (Released January, 2022)

hubspot update scheduled triggers screencap

Around here, we love workflows, our automation engine. But what about automating those repetitive, business processes that aren't tied to a specific contact record change or event? Say no more. Now you can automate your most repetitive recurring tasks - data cleanup, team reminders, and more. Save energy and save time with this update.

2. Customer Portals (Released February, 2022)

hubspot update new customer portals for service

An empowered customer is a happy one. Use our secure customer portal function to give customers control over their communications. After they login, customers can view, open, and reply to their support tickets, giving them a service experience on their own terms. 

3. Custom Surveys (Released March 2022)

new custom surveys 2022 for hubspot

Deepen relationships with your customers by soliciting the customized feedback you need for your unique product or service. With new custom surveys, develop your own questions, use star ratings, radio selects, and/or single line text fields for the exact feedback you need.

4. Recurring ACH (Released April 2022)

recurring ach automatic payments now through hubspot screencap

With HubSpot payments, along with a subscription record in CRM, you can collect and manage recurring payments. Your customers can now enable recurring ACH as a payment method on payment links or quotes - and we take care of the rest. It just makes cents. 

5. Ad Performance Metrics in Custom Reporting (Released June 2022)

ad performance metrics for hubspot now available

Just like summer cherries, custom reporting only gets sweeter. Connect your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn ad accounts to measure performance across the board. Look at year-over-year spend, drill into specific campaigns and ad levels, and compare spend across ads all in a single report. The possibilities are endless.

6. Payments in Marketing Emails (Released July 2022)

payments now available in marketing emails through hubspot gif

Next, convert those nifty email CTA buttons into direct payment links. Simply update the button module in the email editor and your buyers will be taken right to the checkout page. Then, track, view and analyze all payments within HubSpot payments.

7. Discount Codes (Released October 2022)

discount codes now available hubspot how to add discount codes

Discount Codes can now be created and used on HubSpot Payment Links. Customers can create amount off and percentage off discount codes and manage which payment links discount codes can be used on.

8. HubSpot Calling Now on Mobile (Released November 2022)

call through mobile hubspot

We live to give you more ways to communicate with your base. Speaking of, HubSpot calling is now on mobile. Make calls straight from the app using your calling minutes and preferred outgoing number, be it a landline, mobile, or HubSpot number. Enjoy calls to any of our 50 supported countries and take advantage of full recording capability for later analysis in our conversation intelligence tool.

9. View User Login and Security Activity (Released December 2022)

view user activities in hubspot

Who deleted this user? Who installed this integration? When did Alice last login and where from? These are important questions Super Admins can now easily get answers to by viewing the new Login and Security activity logs.

If you have any questions regarding these updates, or are interested in fine-tuning your HubSpot portal to kickstart 2023 - contact HarvestROI today!


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