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Our RealGrowth™ Strategy Process

Our comprehensive RealGrowth™ strategy development process starts with research and discovery to build on actionable insights into your company, your customers and your competitors such that we can partner to identify and capitalize on hidden market opportunities, optimize your products and services, better understand your ideal customers and their journeys, best position your brand and messaging, improve your revenue operations processes, and train your talent with powerful technology so as to create real and sustainable growth.




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Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of businesses do you work with?
We typically work businesses that sell a "considered" product or service. "Considered" means your product or service requires research, information, education, and a defined sales process before a purchase is made or a deal is closed.
Does this work for any business, at any stage?
Yes. Any business, at any stage, established, or start-up would benefit from a strategic marketing and sales growth strategy. However, we won't recommend it for any business where the projected revenue and profitability wouldn't produce an acceptable, positive return on investment.
Will HarvestROI come to our location to develop the plan?
During the engagement, we spend time working onsite as well as offsite, however working onsite is not a requirement. Onsite meetings are preferred and produce the best results during the discovery and training phases of the process.
What level of participation is required from my team?
The only thing required from your team is the willingness to engage freely, without judgment or consequence from their immediate supervisors or peers. This level of participation creates the atmosphere of trust to get the transparency we need to objectively see the full picture.
Who needs to be present for the workshops?
We initially work with your executive team to establish goals and gain a comprehensive understanding of the business today. Once we establish our performance and revenue goals we will work with the key stakeholders from your sales, marketing, service, and fulfillment teams as needed.
How much meeting time should we plan on scheduling?
We'll create meeting schedules and agendas in advance of any onsite visits once we identify the key stakeholders from the executive, sales, marketing, service, and fulfillment management teams and key players. Our onsite time is typically spent in 3-hour time blocks with the appropriate teams present.
Is there anything we should prepare before we get started?
You won't need to prepare anything in advance. We start the engagement with a qualifying call to identify the historical data we'll need and then send blind surveys to your key executive and management stakeholders designed to measure alignment and brand sentiment. We also like to send special surveys to recent customers and to valued partners or vendors to gather as much insight as possible.
Will you work with our current marketing agency or vendors?
Yes, we work closely with your current marketing agency or advertising vendors to make sure the right prospects are getting the right message, information, and education at the right time. If you don't currently have a marketing agency or advertising vendor, we can also refer you to a trusted partner within our network.
What if we still need assistance afterwards?
We offer a variety of additional services including sales & marketing enablement, CRM support packages, training workshops, and fractional CMO hours to help manage and optimize your marketing and sales efforts on an ongoing basis.
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