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“Nearly two-thirds (or 64.8%) of a sales rep's time, on average, is spent in non-revenue generating activities” - Forbes


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HubSpot Implementation, Optimization, and CRM Migration

Don't let a poorly implemented CRM system or integration be your sales team's excuse for not hitting their activity or revenue goals.

A recent study by Forbes discovered that up to 62% of a sales rep’s time is actually spent using the CRM itself!

Utilizing the CRM should be a seamless part of the sales process so your reps can leverage the technology to be more productive in executing scalable processes and realizing measurable, increasing sales revenue.

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HubSpot Sales Pipeline


Build Your Sales Machine

Every advanced sales team needs properly implemented tools to manage their sales pipelines and customer relationships, but not all companies have the resources, expertise and experience to get the best adoption and highest returns on their sales team resource allocations.  Our 9-step process will deliver a fully designed and implemented sales system within about 90 days! 

Sales Effectiveness Audit & Workshop

First, we conduct an overall Sales Organization Effectiveness Audit via a 2-Day On-Site Discovery Workshop which includes a Target Buyer Persona Review, Sales Process & Pipeline Management Assessment, Technology Stack Review, Content Inventory  Assessment, Sales and Marketing Alignment Discovery, and a Reporting/Metric Assessment. 

Sales Stakeholder Onboarding

Based on the Audit findings, we gather and organize the specific information about your team, current processes, potential technology integrations, data and customer types then devise an Implementation Blueprint and Project Tracker so that the key stakeholders have access to the plans and project management tracking as we partner to implement your new sales technology.
Step 3

CRM Integration and Implementation

If you already have the HubSpot or Salesforce CRM, we'll map your data and integrate your sales tools to your re-designed HubSpot instance. If you don't already have a CRM, we'll onboard and set up the HubSpot CRM as part of the engagement!

Data Cleansing and Migration

Our standard engagement includes data cleansing, email verification and migration of your current customer records into your new CRM. Depending on the state of your data governance, the size of your data set and complexity, this may become a separate SOW, but for most companies, it's included in the standard implementation.

User Onboarding and Set Up

Getting your sales team and admins into the new system and set up with logins, user permissions, email and calendar integration as well as outbound phone call integration means you will be ready to start using some of the HubSpot tool functionality immediately. We’ll even get your data organized into easy-to-reference lists and filtered lead views so you can easily prioritize that data that matters.

Complete Sales Tools Setup

With documented sales processes, we'll get your sales team tools set up for the end-to-end customer journey. We’ll customize your data collection in each of your deal stages with unique qualification properties driven by sales playbooks, build sales sequences and email templates, set up your 24/7 chatbots and live chat, build meetings, tasks, and sales process automation workflows and customize the setup of your visual sales deals pipeline reports and dashboards.

Analytics & Reporting

Now that we're set up, we’ll install all required tracking codes on your web properties, enable your site for retargeting and then set up standard Marketing and Sales Dashboards so you can see your growth in real-time. Sales leaders will have a team reporting dashboard, and sellers will have their own pipeline and activity reports dashboards.

Sales Tools and CRM Training

Let's get trained! First, we’ll conduct formal training for your entire team getting them familiar with their new Sales Tools and CRM. Once they've had a chance to familiarize themselves with the system and create a list of specific questions, we follow-up with a live Q&A feedback session to make sure everyone is comfortable using the software and ready to grow. Knowledge base creation is optimal and optional.

Sales Process Optimization

You are launched and live! Post-implementation, there's often a need for minor edits and process optimization, typically after the sales team gets through a sales cycle or two. We will support you for 30 days after launch at no additional charge. As part of our primary service offering, we'll suggest a 6 month to 1-year Optimization Engagement to ensure effective adoption and offer ongoing support while developing enhanced workflows, new sequences, reports, and training to meet developing goals. This will ensure you have the help you need on-hand to keep your system optimized and your staff fully engaged! Let's Grow!

Start growing your sales revenue in under 60 days!

All sales organizations need to leverage technology to convert client interactions into relationships and scalable revenue, but not all companies have the experience or insight to get the most from their sales tools and CRM. 

The HarvestROI team has the expertise and experience to get your sales tools and CRM set up properly and your revenue growing quickly


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