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Proven strategies and tactical solutions to help you scale. 


Who We Are

HarvestROI is a leading growth strategy and system implementation partner that specializes in helping sales-driven start-ups and scale-ups with process architecture and complex HubSpot CRM, Sales, Marketing, and Service Hub implementations, migrations, and optimization.

Our experienced and highly knowledgable team of consultants and engineers helps our clients to reduce their sales cycles, increase sales velocity, grow revenue, improve SLA handoffs, manage renewals, reduce churn, and build powerful brand equity by leveraging the native power of the HubSpot platform alongside custom-developed API and other proprietary and 3rd party platform integrations.

We commit ourselves to understand our clients' needs, and our clients trust us to deliver meaningful solutions with clear and consistent communication. We pride ourselves on maximizing our clients' ROI and earning the consistently great reviews you can read for yourself.

Our Team

HarvestROI was founded by Dave Scilabro. Dave spent the early majority of his career on the "client-side" as a CEO, CMO, Sales Executive and Entrepreneur. An experienced Sales and Strategy Consultant, he has built on his experience, insight, skillsets and network to position HarvestROI as an industry leading growth strategy and revenue operations consulting agency. 

Dave Scilabro 800 x 925

Dave Scilabro

Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Brendan Profile Pic (V2)

Brendan Blouin

Director of Communications & RevOps Consulting

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Babette Beyers

Director of Operations & HubSpot Solutions Consulting

Knowledge and Experience: Certified

More than an experienced growth strategy partner, we are also a Platinum Certified Partner Agency with HubSpot and other industry leading sales and marketing technology platforms. We are experienced with complex tech stack implementations at the enterprise level; and we are able to provide advanced custom development, integration and reporting functionality.

We stay informed and up to date with training and certification so that we can empower your teams with the most advanced and easy-to-use tech stack tools and training available.


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